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Disturbed is an American music band that actually comes among the top lists of heavy metal bands. They are from Chicago, Illinois and are comprised of four group members. They are producing a variety of Disturbed Wallpapers HD for the publicity of their band that comes in wide range of resolution.

Disturbed Wallpapers HD are loved by teenagers as 90% of their wallpapers are actually portraying a ghost type cartoon having eyes that bury inside them fire with wide open jaws. The major colors they use are black, orange, red and blue with grey shading to give them horrifying look. A lot of their wallpapers also have their own band pictures that contain all the four members. Boys place these wallpapers in their rooms to give their room a new look. Having these wallpapers in their laptop and cell phone collection is also something that is really common among teenagers.

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Wallpapers affect the minds of little kids up to great extent and they want extraordinary powers in them. Having such wallpapers on their room walls, in their IPhone, Android Devices or on their personal computers is actually the great and pleasing sight to their eyes. So if you are someone who is a diehard fan of this heavy metal band, then download amazing collection of their wallpapers in a variety of HD resolutions available on Internet.

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