Top 9 Free Spots to Watch New Year Fireworks in Singapore (2025)

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Singapore’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are legendary, a dazzling display that paints the night sky with vibrant colors and electrifies the city. Whether you’re a seasoned fireworks enthusiast or a first-time reveler, choosing the perfect spot to witness this spectacle can be overwhelming. Fear not, fellow pyromaniacs, for this blog post is your guide to the best places to watch fireworks in Singapore 2025!

If you are looking to find best places where you can see new year 2025 firework in Singapore. yo are a right place. Our representative at Singapore spotted top places for best fireworks views this year!

Front and Center: Marina Bay’s Dazzling Spectacle:

1. The Promontory at Marina Bay:

This open-air platform offers the closest view of the fireworks, with the iconic Marina Bay skyline as your backdrop. Expect a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and a countdown party you won’t forget. Be prepared for crowds and arrive early to secure your spot.

The Promontory At Marina Bay

2. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade:

This picturesque stretch along the bay is a popular choice for free firework viewing. Enjoy stunning vistas of the city, the cool night breeze, and the buzz of fellow revelers. Arrive early to claim your prime spot on the grass or benches.
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

3. Helix Bridge:

This iconic double-helix bridge offers a unique perspective on the fireworks, with the city lights reflected in the water below. It’s a slightly less crowded option than the promenade, but still provides fantastic views.
3 Helix Bridge Singapore

Roof Elevated Points: Panoramic Views for the Discerning Viewer

1. SkyPark Observation Deck:

For breathtaking panoramic views and a touch of luxury, the SkyPark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands is unbeatable. Tickets are pricey, but the experience is one-of-a-kind, with exclusive access to the observation deck and stunning views of the entire city.

4 SkyPark Observation Deck Singapore

2. 1-Altitude:

This rooftop bar perched atop One Raffles Place offers another luxurious option, with panoramic views, a vibrant atmosphere, and a special New Year’s Eve menu. Be prepared for a hefty price tag, but the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

5 1 Altitude


3. Mount Faber Peak:

Escape the city crowds and soak in the panoramic views from Mount Faber Peak. Enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of the restaurants or simply relax on the grassy slopes and watch the fireworks paint the sky.

6 Mount Faber Peak

Hidden Gems: Less Crowded Options:

1. Marina Barrage:

This scenic spot offers stunning views of the fireworks across the bay, along with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of space to spread out. Pack a picnic basket, fly a kite, and enjoy the fireworks with a touch of serenity.

7 Marina Barrage

2. Esplanade Concourse:

Located in the heart of the city, the Esplanade Concourse offers a free and easily accessible viewing spot. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, live music performances, and the stunning reflections of the fireworks on the water.

8 Esplanade Concourse

3. Heartland Stadiums:

Catch the fireworks closer to home at one of the heartland stadiums, like Jurong West Stadium, Bedok Stadium, or Toa Payoh Stadium. These locations offer a more relaxed atmosphere and are perfect for families with young children.

Singapore, ,October,6,,2017:,Jurong,West,Stadium,Is,A

Pro Tip: Download the official Singapore Fireworks app here for real-time updates, maps of viewing locations, and safety information.

Important Guidelines:

  • Check for any special events or ticketed viewing areas at your chosen location.
  • Public transportation will be busy, so plan your journey accordingly.
  • Be mindful of your belongings and keep an eye on children in crowded areas.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the magical spectacle of Singapore’s New Year’s Eve fireworks!

New Year Fireworks Start Time (Date 31st Dec 2023):

The main fireworks display erupts at midnight sharp, with smaller pre-shows leading up to the grand finale. Some locations might have additional fireworks displays earlier in the evening, so check event specific details for your chosen spot.

Watch Live Singapore Fireworks Online on YouTube:

I hope this news article has helped you plan your perfect New Year’s Eve fireworks viewing experience in Singapore. Now go forth, celebrate with a bang, and make memories that will last a lifetime!