40+ Forgive Me Poems (Emotional And Deep)

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We often have trouble finding the right words to apologize and ask for forgiveness when we do something wrong or hurt someone we care about. That’s when writing a heartfelt poem can help.

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Poems asking for forgiveness come from a place of sadness, humility, and a strong desire to make things right again. Here are a few poems that you can share with your partner as a sorry.

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Say Sorry To Him With These Poems

These Poems use poetry to apologize and patch things up when things take a wrong turn in your relationship. These poems are sincere, they express regret and the desire to fix things. They’re like a bridge between people who’ve had a falling out. 

Say Sorry To Him With These Poems

Immense Sorrow

In the silence of my mind, I dwell,
Regret consumes me, its grasp I can’t dispel.

My actions have caused you immense sorrow,
But I promise, a better path I’ll follow.

Please accept my sincere apology,
Let it mend the cracks in our harmony.

I’ll strive to be the partner you deserve,
For your love and trust, I’ll always preserve.

Say Sorry To Him With These Sad Poems

Hurtful Days

My pride and ego led me astray,
And caused you anguish, day by day.

But now I see the error of my ways,
And I’m sorry for those hurtful days.

Please forgive me, my dearest friend,
Let our bond heal, and our love transcend.

I’ll be the man you deserve, steadfast and true,
For my love for you will forever renew.

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Seeking forgiveness

I stand before you, a humble man,
Seeking forgiveness, the best I can.

My actions have hurt you, caused you distress,
But I’m sorry, and I aim to redress.

Let my remorse pave the way for a fresh start,
Heal the wounds I inflicted on your gentle heart.

I’ll walk beside you, hand in hand, forever true,
Cherishing our love, like morning’s gentle dew.

Forgive me, my love, and let our bond renew,
For without you, my world would be incomplete and blue.

Start Anew

I wronged you, my love, I can’t deny,
My actions made you question and sigh.

But I’m sorry, from the depths of my heart,
And I vow, we’ll never again be apart.

Let’s start anew, on a path so bright,
Where our love shines, a guiding light.

Ask For Her Forgiveness With These Poems

Apologizing and making things right can be hard, specifically when you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. These poems are written with care and honesty, showing how truly sorry you are.

Ask For Her Forgiveness With These Poems

These poems speak for you when you want to say sorry. They speak straight out of the heart, showing regret and a genuine desire to fix the situation.

Waves of Atonement

Like waves upon the shore,
My apologies, I implore.

Each crest, a promise to make amends,
Each trough, a lesson my heart comprehends.

Forgive me, let our bond restore,
As waves caress the sandy floor.

Whispers of Contrition

Soft whispers dance upon the breeze,
Carrying apologies, I beg you to seize.

Regret weaves through each utterance,
Hoping to mend our torn romance.

Forgive me, let our love find solace,
In the whispers that seek your solace.

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Ode to Forgiveness

In this ode, my heart pours forth its lament,
Begging forgiveness, a sincere atonement.

Each stanza a testament to my sorrow,
Hoping our love will see a new tomorrow.

Forgive me, let our bond transcend,
As this ode seeks a mended end.

Forgive Me, My Love

My heart aches for your embrace,
Let me see your smiling face.

I made mistakes, this I know,
But without you, my world’s in woe.

Forgive me, dear, let our love grow,
And together, we’ll let our happiness flow.

Poems That Will Heal Your Relationship

Check out this collection of poems meant to fix problems between partners. These poems are like gentle medicine for the heart, soothing any hurt feelings and bringing you closer together. 

Forgiveness Poems That Will Heal Your Relationship

I Seek Your Grace

My love, I’ve strayed from your path,
But now I seek your grace, at last.

Forgive me for the hurt I’ve wrought,
Let our love be the bridge we’ve sought.

With open arms, I stand before you,
Longing for your pardon, ever true.

I Carry Regret

In the depths of my soul, I carry regret,
For the mistakes that led to our love’s upset.

I wronged you, my love, in ways I can’t defend,
But I vow, from this moment, my wrongs I’ll mend.

Let this be a new beginning, a clean slate,
Where I cherish you fully, without any hate.

Forgive me, my darling, for the pain I’ve brought,
And let our love triumph, as it once ought.

Together, we’ll rebuild what was once torn apart,
And never again will I break your heart.

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Immense Pain

My actions have caused you immense pain,
But your forgiveness is what I aim to gain.

Let us start anew, on a fresh page,
Where our love will never again rage.

Take my hand, let our hearts intertwine,
And let our bond forever shine.

Forgive me, my darling, for the hurt I’ve caused,
And let our love be the bridge we’ve crossed.

Heartfelt Poems to Ask For Forgiveness

Here are poems that you can send as a sorry. They are simple yet effective and they will surely get you your desired results. These poems don’t just ask for forgiveness but show the rawness of your feelings.

Forgive Me Poem

I’m Sorry

I made a mistake, I was wrong,
Our bond has not felt very strong.

Please forgive me for my poor choice,
Let me make it up, hear my voice.

We can start over, you’ll see,
A second chance is what I plea.

A Fresh Start

I know I made a big mistake,
But a new beginning, I wish to make.

My actions brought you so much hurt,
But I’ll prove my love is not inert.

Forgive me for being a fool,
Let our bond no longer be too cool.

Give me a chance to make it right,
Our love can shine ever so bright.

Say you’ll forgive me, pretty please,
Our hearts can find their lasting peace.

Heartfelt Poems To Ask For Forgiveness

Forgive and Rebuild

I’m so sorry for the heartache,
The bond I allowed to break.

Forgive me for that massive mistake,
A new start is what I wish to make.

With your pardon, we can rebuild,
A love unbreakable, strong-willed.

Short Forgive Me Poems

Sometimes when we feel terrible about doing something wrong, the most powerful feelings can be expressed through short, simple poems. These poems pack a lot of emotion into just a few lines.

Short Forgive Me Poems

These little poems don’t need lots of fancy language to beg for forgiveness, they get their strength from expressing deep feelings through ordinary words.  

Regretful Plea

Mistakes were made, I can’t deny,
Regrets linger, but let’s try

To move forward, hand in hand,
Forgive me, and understand.

Remorseful Amends

My actions caused you pain, I know,
But with remorse, my heart does show

A desire to make amends,
Forgive me, my dearest friend.

Second Chance

I’ve learned from errors of the past,
This lesson, I hope, will last

Please grant me a second chance,
Forgive me, and let’s dance.

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Kindly Forgiveness

Forgiveness is what I seek,
For the hurt, I feel so meek

Let’s leave the past behind,
Forgive me, and be kind.

Heartfelt Apology

Mistakes are human, we all make,
But for yours, my heart does ache

I’m sorry, from the depths of my soul,
Forgive me, and make me whole.

Messed Up Your Relationship Lately?

Here Are a Few Ideas To Apologize:

  1. 💌 Write a heartfelt letter explaining your feelings and apologizing.
  2. 🍽 Plan a special date night at their favorite restaurant or a new spot.
  3. 🎁 Create a personalized gift that holds sentimental value.
  4. 🍳 Cook their favorite meal or surprise them with breakfast in bed.
  5. ✍️ Write a poem or song expressing your apology and remorse.
  6. 🧹 Offer acts of kindness by helping with chores or running errands.
  7. 💬 Have an honest conversation to discuss what happened and apologize.
  8. 💐 Surprise them with flowers or leave love notes around the house.
  9. 🛋️ Plan a cozy night in with their favorite movie and snacks.
  10. ⏰ Give them space to process their feelings and come to you when they’re ready.