80 Belated Happy New Year 2025 Wishes (with Images)

You are currently viewing 80 Belated Happy New Year 2025 Wishes (with Images)

People celebrate different days worldwide, but if we talk about the most celebrated days, then New Year is among them. People take a rest from their busy schedules and plan how to welcome the upcoming year.

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Happy Belated New Year Wishes 2023

2025 Belated Happy New Year Wishes

  1. I’m a bit late, but I hope 2025 brings you nothing but joy and success! Happy New Year!

  2. Wishing you an amazing year ahead even if this wish is a little behind schedule!

  3. Better late than never! Sending tons of good vibes for you in 2025!

  4. 2025 is looking bright – may it bring you happiness and health!

  5. Here’s to new adventures in 2025! Sorry for the late new year cheer!

  6. Let’s make this year the best one yet – happy belated 2025!

  7. New year, new beginnings! Wishing you the best days ahead even if this note is overdue!

  8. May all your 2025 dreams come true – sorry I’m late but better late than never!

  9. I dropped the ball on sending this on time, but know I’m wishing you an amazing 2025 ahead!

  10. Cheers to 2025! Let’s make this year the best one yet!

  11. Wishing you a year fully loaded with love and laughter – happy (belated) 2025!

  12. Sending you all my good vibes for 2025 – may it be the best year yet!

  13. Here’s to fresh starts no matter how late I am in sending this – happy 2025!

  14. 2025 is YOUR year! Wishing you endless joy even if this note is a little behind.

  15. A year full of possibilities awaits you – sending you all my best wishes for 2025!

Happy Belated New Year Wishes For 2025

Cool Belated Happy New Year 2025 Greeting Images Greeting And Wishes

Forward these New Year wishes and greetings to those in your circle, and you also receive many wishes from others. It is essential to wish people a happy New Year at the proper time, which starts a few days before next year’s arrival with advance greetings and lasts until midnight on the first of January.

Belated New Year 2025 Wishes For Frriends And Family

Belated Happy New Year Wishes Greetings 2025

You will find a variety of belated Happy New Year wishes for the upcoming year 2025, so you can also use them if you miss wishing anybody at the right time.

Best Late Happy New Year Quotes and Wishes:

Your close ones always wait for New Year wishes from your side on the following year’s arrival because they love to read the messages that you write for them on this special occasion.

  1. Better late than never – hope you’re kicking off 2025 in the best way!

  2. Let’s toast to 2025 and all of the magic ahead – cheers to YOU!

  3. May all your dreams come true this year! Happy New Year 2025!

  4. Out with the old, in with the new! Welcome 2025 even if I’m late to the party.

  5. Here’s to looking on the bright side – happy 2025!

  6. 2025 is going to rock! Time for new adventures ahead!

  7. Cheers to new beginnings in 2025! This year belongs to you!

  8. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead from start to finish! 2025 is YOUR year!

  9. May all your wishes come true this year! Happy belated 2025!

  10. Let’s celebrate a fresh start and new possibilities no matter how late I am. Happy New Year 2025!

  11. Goodbye 2023, hello 2025! Wishing you endless blessings in the year ahead!

  12. Here’s to fresh starts and clean slates – happy 2025!

  13. New year = new you! Wishing you a year full of joy and personal growth!

  14. Out with any negativity, in with positivity. Happy New Year!

  15. Another year full of possibility awaits you – Happy 2025!

If you have not sent New Year wishes to your close ones for any reason, then you can use our website’s best late happy New Year quotes and wishes. These wishes and quotes are with unique words, and the receiver will not mind late wishes after reading the magic wordings of these wishes.

Belated Happy New Year 2025 Wishes And Greetings

Belated Happy New Year 2025 Messages Greeting

  • Apologies for being late! I was busy finding an appropriate greeting for you. Happy New Year!

  • This New Year has been superb because of your company. I hope to have this splendid company in the upcoming year. I wish you a wonderful belated New Year!

  • Sorry for my delayed New Year’s wishes. My friend never comes delayed to you!!!

  • Here’s to seizing each day in 2025! The New Year belongs to you!

  • May all the right opportunities come your way this year!

  • Cheers to new adventures, new memories, and new dreams! Happy 2025!

  • Sending you all the hope, joy, and prosperity 2025 has to offer!

  • Here’s to positively rocking 2025 no matter how late this wish is!

  • May all your days be filled with laughter and light. Happy New Year 2025!

  • Out with any hardships, in with harmony and happiness in 2025!

  • Another year gone, but even more opportunities ahead! Happy New Year 2025!

  • Here’s to looking forward not backward. The future is unwritten and 2025 is YOURS!

  • Hope your 2025 is off to a great start no matter how behind I am on this!

  • In 2025 may you dance to the songs that make you happiest!

  • Cheers to an amazing year. Hope 2025 brings you everything you dream of!

  • Here’s to always moving forward one day at a time. Happy New Year!

  • Life is short, so here’s to really living it up in 2025! Happy New Year!

  • Out with the old, in with the YOU! Shine brightly in 2025!

  • Bottoms up to new adventures, new blessings, new memories and new dreams!

  • Hope it’s a magical year for you and yours. Happy belated New Year 2025!

  • To your health, your happiness, and everything good in 2025 and beyond!

  • May this year bring you endless joy, laughter, and success! Happy belated 2025!

  • Goodbye past, hello fabulous future! 2025 is going to rock!

  • Here’s to looking forward to sunnier days ahead. Happy New Year 2025!

  • Out with any negativity from the past, in with endless positivity for the future! Happy 2025!

  • Another year filled with infinite possibilities awaits you! Embrace it! Happy 2025!

  • Forget old doubts or worries and step into 2025 with confidence and cheer!

  • New Year = New hopes! Anything’s possible in the year ahead so celebrate 2025!

  • Wishing you a year ahead filled with joy, meaning, and purpose wherever you are. Happy 2025!

  • May the next 365 days bring you nothing but happiness, health and success. Happy belated New Year!

  • Here is to always keeping your inner light aglow no matter what 2025 brings!

  • Out with the old moments, in with the new memories. 2025 is yours for the taking!

  • Another year comes and goes but may your inner soul shine eternally bright. Happy New Year!

Funny Belated New Year Wishes:

If you cannot greet people with some New Year wishes in due time, then you have to think of something special to cover the aspect of being late.

Funny belated New Year wishes are ideal for sending because these wishes will bring a smile to the face of the receiver of your message. They will not mind belated wishes because we have added fun aspects to these wishes so take a look at them.

  • They say that the king always wishes for his subordinates at last. So that’s why I May all your hard work and success pay off this New Year.

  • I’m so late with this that by the time you read it, it’ll almost be 2025! Wishing you an amazing year ahead!

  • New year, same old forgetful me. But hey, at least I got around to wishing you a Happy 2025…eventually!

  • Happy New Year! Let’s just pretend I got this to you on time. 2023 me is slacking!

  • Cheers to 2025! Too bad we can’t drink our way back to January 1st for me to send this on time! 🍾

  • Here’s to an incredible year ahead! Sorry for dropping the ball – to make it up let’s do shots! 🥂

  • Better late than never! Sending good vibes for 2025! If it makes you feel better we can just backdate this text.

  • Oops I did it again, I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s to 2025 not judging me like you are right now!

  • 2023 flew by without me sending this! Maybe we can just rewind time so I’m on top of important things, like wishing you a Happy 2025!?

  • Cheers to 2025! Let’s toast with some champagne I rewrapped from my failed NYE party attempt – where were YOU to remind me about this?!

  • Happy belated 2025! To make up for my lateness let’s tie some 2023 party hats on our heads and fake a countdown at midnight!

  • Well this is embarrassing. I promised I wouldn’t forget but alas here we are. Lucky for you 2025 is gonna be great!

  • Oops! I dropped the ball harder than the ball in Times Square. But here’s an extra special 2025 shout out just for you! 🎉

  • Let’s pretend it’s still January 1st, 2025 has arrived and I TOTALLY sent this wish to you on time! Sound good? Great! Happy New Year! 🎆

  • I truly meant to send this Jan 1st, but life got crazy! To celebrate this VERY belated wish let’s scream Happy New Year and party like it’s midnight! 🎊

  • Happy New Year…in April? June? August? Man I gotta work on my timing! But for real, hope 2025 is your best year!

  • Cheers to 2025! Let’s make up for lost time and party like it’s midnight on New Year’s no matter what the calendar says! 🕛

  • Well this is late, maybe even by NEXT year’s standards! But in the spirit of optimism, Happy New Year 2025! It’s gonna be a good one! 🥳

  • Oops! I goofed big time on sending this. But wishing you a year so great you forget this tardy note ever happened! Here’s to 2025! 🍾

  • Happy New Year 2025! Let’s celebrate with some old party hats I found under my bed from NYE’s past. We can pretend I just got them for our celebration! 🎉

  • Hey it’s never too late for a toast to 2025 right? Even in the dead heat of summer! Here’s to a great upcoming year for you! 🍻

  • I apologize for the delay, but I eventually got here just like 2025 greatness will for you – it just takes some time!

  • Happy New Year! Let’s make my lateness up to you by hitting reply-all to this very late wish and confusing ALL our friends! 😂

  • Cheers to 2025! 🥂 No this toast isn’t out of date – the champagne is just finely aged to perfection like my timely well wishes!

  • Here’s to 2025! Let’s celebrate with some discounted New Year’s candy on clearance. Who doesn’t love holiday chocolate in March?

  • Happy New Year! Quick let’s take a nice pic so I can backdate it on social media and everyone will think I was on top of my game this year! 🤳

  • Here’s a great idea: any time anyone wishes you a late happy new year just act totally confused about what year it EVEN is right now! That’ll teach ‘em! 🤪

  • Well nothing like a good Happy New Year wish to kick off swimsuit season right?! Here’s to sunny days & good vibes ahead! 🌞😎

  • Happy New Year! I’m clearly on a roll already crushing my resolution to be more timely and organized! But for real – hope 2025 rocks! 🎸

  • I must’ve partied too hard on NYE to forget sending this! But let’s grab some glitter left over and celebrate 2025 in style no matter how late I am! 🎉

  • Oops! I dropped the ball on this NY wish harder than the Times Square crystal! But here’s to an INCREDIBLE year ahead for you! 🥳

Belated Happy New Year 2025 Wishes

Belated New Year Greeting Cards and One Liners:

If you think that a simple belated happy New Year wishes message is not enough, then you should try to send these belated New Year greeting cards. These cards will convey your wishes more appropriately, and the receiver of these wishes will not feel sad or angry about your late wishes.

  1. May your days be merry and bright in 2025…even if this card is a little late!

  2. Cheers to new beginnings in 2025…whenever this card reaches you!

  3. Here’s to a year filled with joy no matter how tardy our holiday greetings may be!

  4. We’re a bit behind schedule but still wishing you happy holidays and a fabulous 2025!

  5. Oops we goofed! But still hoping 2025 is the best year yet for you and yours!

  6. Wishing you all wonderful things in the year ahead despite our belated holiday cheer!

  7. Better late than never! Wishing you a phenomenal year ahead!

  8. Our holiday spirit might be a little delayed, but that doesn’t mean we love you any less!

  9. Happy New Year 2025…sorry you’re just getting this card now but hope your year is off to a great start!

  10. Here’s to new adventures in 2025 whenever this greeting happens to reach you!

  11. New beginnings await you in 2025 no matter how late our card may be!

  12. May all your dreams come true this year despite our tardy wishes coming your way!

  13. New Year cheer headed your way even if we missed the actual holiday by a mile!

  14. We can still party like it’s 2025 no matter the date once this card arrives!

  15. Better late than never! Sending you smiles and happiness this coming year!

  16. 2025 is going to rock – let this late greeting kick it off for you in style!

  17. A little behind on sending this, but know we love you tons and wish you the best new year!

  18. Oops! Our best wishes for 2025 are a little delayed but full of love as always!

  19. Here’s to celebrating holidays belatedly but in good cheer with friends like you!

  20. Bring on the bubbly no matter what day it is – happy new year 2025!

  21. Maybe this card is late or maybe we just time traveled back to 2025 to celebrate with you!

  22. Holiday spirit is always in season – happy new year 2025 to you and yours!

  23. Let’s hope this card kicks off an awesome new year whenever it reaches your door!

  24. New year blessings headed your way even if we already bid 2023 goodbye!

  25. Better late than never for sending new year cheer your way 2025 style!

  26. Maybe this card took the scenic route but wishes for an amazing 2025 ahead!

  27. Oops our happy new year wishes are tardy but full of love from us to you!

  28. 2025 here you come even if it’s mid January by the time you receive this greeting!

  29. Wishing you joy and laughter no matter what day of 2025 this card arrives!

  30. Ring in an amazing year ahead with this belated greeting just for you!

What is the meaning of “Belated Happy New Year”?

Have you ever received belated Happy New Year wishes? If yes, you must have thought, why do we write belated with these wishes?

If someone forgets to wish Happy New Year till midnight of the first of January, then the word belated is added to those wishes sent from the second of January onwards.

Belated Happy New Year Wishes For 2025

Pro Tips to Send Belated New Year Wishes:

Sending out late New Year’s wishes and greetings is very common. Don’t worry if you missed ringing in 2025 with some of your friends and family – there are creative ways to send belated well wishes. Here are some tips:

  1. Send a thoughtful e-card or digital greeting. Many free sites like Canva allow you to design cards with New Year graphics and add customized notes.
  2. Mail a handwritten card or letter to make it more personal. Buy some discounted seasonal stationery and share your best hopes for the year.
  3. Use humor to acknowledge your tardiness. Send a funny meme or joke about your lack of timeliness to lighten the mood.
  4. Send a small gift or token to accompany the late wishes. Little treats like chocolate, candy, or gift cards can smooth things over.
  5. Double up on the wishes for 2025! Promise those you missed this year that you’ll be the first to wish them a Happy New Year next year.
  6. Do a belated video call toast if appropriate. Wish them well over FaceTime while raising a glass.
  7. Post a celebratory photo with the person on social media. Write a nice New Year message and publicly show you care.
  8. Plan a belated NYE-themed meet-up if possible. Recreate the fun with themed snacks, hats, and poppers!

Even if your greetings come in late, the thought still counts. With a little effort, you can find meaningful ways to send happy, hopeful vibes for the year ahead!