80 Happy New Year Cat Images, GIFs and Memes (2025)

You are currently viewing 80 Happy New Year Cat Images, GIFs and Memes (2025)

Welcome 2025 with Happy Cats! As we get ready to say goodbye to 2024 and welcome 2025, what better way to celebrate than with cute, funny and happy cats! Our furry feline friends make every occasion better, so let’s look at some cute cat images, GIFs, memes, and quotes to really capture the joy and optimism from the new year vibes.

Happy New Year's Hat And Beautiful Cat

Funny Happy New Year 2024 For Cats With Image

Happy New Year Cat Images (2025)

First up, check out these adorable cats dressed up and ready to party for New Year’s Eve! With festive hats, glasses, and decorations, these kitties know how to get in the holiday spirit. Their smiling faces and excitement are the perfect representation of our hope and positivity for 2025.

Clever Cat Happy New Year 2024 With Image

Yellow And Black Happy New Year Cats Image

Serious Cat Happy New Year 2024 With Image

Happy New Year 2024 For Cats With Hat

Happy New Year Cats 2024 Image

Happy New Year For Cats 2024 With Image

Happy New Year For Cats With Image 2024

Happy New Year For Cats With Image

Happy New Year Meow 2024 With Pictures

Happy New Year Quotes 2024 For Cats Image Download

Happy New Year To My Cats With Pictures

Happy New Year 2024 For Cats With Image

Happy New Year Cat 2024 With Pictures

Beige Happy New Year Cats 2024 Image

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Happy New Year Cat GIFs (Moving Animated Images and ClipArts)

It’s time to share funny and aww-inducing New Year’s cat GIFs. From curious kittens peeking at fireworks to cats jumping in surprise as the clock strikes midnight, these animated GIFs perfectly show feline excitement and confusion over New Year’s celebrations.

Happy New Year 2024 Cats Gif

Happy New Year Cute Cat Gif Kitty

Happy New Year For Cats 2024 Gif

Happy New Year Cats Gif 2024 With Image

Cute Cat Jumping To Wish Happy New Year Gif Moving Picture Funny

Happy New Year Gif For Cat Lover 2024

Happy New Year 2024 Cat Funny Gif Meme Clipart Image

Funny Gif Cat Wish Happy New Year 2024

LOL New Year Cat Memes 2025

No modern holiday celebration is complete without some hilarious internet memes! When it comes to bringing the laughs, cats rule and these funny New Year’s memes prove it.

2024 Happy New Year Cats Meme With Image Download

2024 Happy New Year Cats Meme With Image

Happy New Year Cats Meme With Image 2024

Happy New Year Cats Meme 2024 With Image

New Year 2025 Cat Jokes and Memes in Text Form (For Social Media Sharing with Cat Pictures):

  1. Wishing you a pawsome new year! Hope all your 9 lives are filled with joy!

  2. May your 2025 be filled with lots of purrs, furrballs, and meows! Happy Mew Year!

  3. What do cats call the beginning of 2025? The litter box!

  4. This new year, may your scratching posts stay sharp and your catnip stay strong!

  5. 2024 is going into the litterbox. Hello 2025! Please have lots of sunny windowsills and treats!

  6. New Year’s Resolution: Nap more, knock stuff off tables more, meow louder when hungry!

  7. If 2024 was ruff, make 2025 pawsitively purrfect! Happy New Year whiskers!

  8. Out with the old year, in with the new. Now where’s my catnip and treats?!

  9. I heard we turn into cats at midnight on New Year’s Eve this year! Can’t wait! licks paw happily

  10. This just in: 2025 to have 3x more sunny spots to nap in! Yesss! Happy New Year!

  11. My only 2025 resolution? To bat around anything that moves! Hehe!

  12. Goodbye annoying 2024! 2025 will have more boxes and toes to attack! Mwhaha!

  13. 2024 called and asked for its drama back. 2025 has no time for that! Now who has treats?!

  14. Out with fleas of 2024! In with dreams of catnip in 2025! Happy Mew Year friends!

  15. They say what you’re doing at midnight is how you’ll spend 2025. I plan to be napping, obviously!

  16. I heard we turn back into cute little kittens at midnight! bats paw excitedly Bring on 2025!

  17. 2024 just bit my tail. But I know 2025 is going to be the cat’s meow!

  18. New Year’s Goal: Collect even more cat toys! Hide them under couch and around house!

  19. Good riddance 2024! The dogs can keep ya! 2025 will be feline fine! purrs

  20. Can we fast forward to the catnip and back scratches already?! Happy 2025!

  21. Out with the fleas 2024! In with the furry purry 2025! meow

  22. Bad news 2024, you’ve been impawpeached! 2025 is going to be clawsome!

  23. I heard we all turn into cats at midnight on NYE! Is that true? Please say yes! purrs excitedly

  24. Happy Mew Year 2025! My only resolution is to find the perfect sunny window to nap in!

  25. Wake me up for New Year’s 2025 when the catnip and head scratches get here!

Happy New Year’s Cat Quotes + Captions

New Year’s also inspires many reflective quotes and captions that capture optimism for fresh starts and new possibilities in the year ahead.

Happy New Year Wishes For My Little Cate 2024 With Pictures

Happy New Year Wishes 2024 For Cats Image Download

Pink Yellow Cat Pun New Year Instagram Post

Here are some of our favorite inspirational cat-themed New Year’s sayings for pet owners:

  1. “New Year’s resolution: To love my cat even more.”

  2. “2024 is almost in the litter box. Time to welcome 2025!”

  3. “May all your wishes come true, unless you wished for my cat food, in which case, just no.”

  4. “Happy mew year!”

  5. “Hiss-terically excited for 2025!”

  6. “Fur-well 2024, hiss hello 2025!”

  7. “My New Year’s resolution: Catnap more.”

  8. “Cheers to the purr-fect year!”

  9. “2024 is going into the litterbox. 2025 here I come!”

  10. “Feline fine in 2025!”

  11. “Happier than a cat with a ball of yarn!”

  12. “I’m one cool cat ringing in the New Year!”

  13. “Have a paw-some New Year!”

  14. “Let’s make hisstory in 2025!”

  15. “New Year, New Naps.”

  16. “Rawring 20’s here we come again!”

  17. “Purrfect start to 2025!”

  18. “I’m feline 2025 is gonna be great!”

  19. “Happy Mew Year 2025!”

  20. “My New Year’s Revolution: More catnip and toys!”

  21. “Out with the old, in with the mew!”

  22. “2024 I’m going to pounce you goodbye!”

  23. “This kitty is excited fur 2025!”

  24. “I resolutioned to be 20% cuter in 2025!”

  25. “New Year, Same Catitude!”

  26. “Hiss-letoe is down, now waiting fur catnip!”

  27. “Bright whiskers & catnip dreams for 2025!”

  28. “Cool story bro, I’m ready fur 2025!”

  29. “Who’s ready fur this? Meeeowww!”

  30. “Let’s make 2025 hiss-toric!”

  31. “Meow Year’s Resolution: be fancier.”

  32. “Bottoms up to 2025!”

  33. “New Year’s goal: collect more cat toys.”

  34. “Happy Neigh Year!” (Get it, like the horse sound! Ha!)

  35. “Here’s to even more catnaps in 2025!”

  36. “Cheers to a new meow-garita filled year!”

  37. “Ready to turn up in 2025!”

  38. “2024 is so yesterday, I’m ready for 2025!”

  39. “2025 here I come, just catnapping my way to January 1st!”

  40. “#2025 Goals: world catnip domination.”

No matter how you plan to celebrate and welcome the new year, including some cute, hilarious, or inspiring cats will make it even more joyful and special! Here’s to an amazing 2025 filled with catnaps and purrs!