50 Happy New Year 2025 Poems for Kids (Easy with Images)

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The new year brings a fresh start and new beginnings. Help kids celebrate and look forward to the year ahead with fun, short New Year’s poems that inspire optimism and cheer. Poetry is a playful way to commemorate the passing of another year and look ahead to new possibilities.

Easy New Year’s Poems for Young Kids (2025)

Keep poems simple for little ones just learning to read and write. Focus on concepts they can easily grasp like new beginnings, the passing of time, and hopes for the year ahead. We created these poems with beautiful and kids friendly images so you can share them easily on social media or direct print them for kids to read and wish on the New Year Eve!

Best Short Happy New Year 2024 Poems For Kids Easy

Happy New Year 2024 Poems For Kids Easy With Image Cute Short

  1. Sparkly confetti in the air,
    Balloons popping everywhere.
    Noisemakers loud, and cheers so bright,
    Wishing you a happy New Year’s night!

  2. Stars are twinkling, moon shines wide,
    Let’s count down numbers, side by side.
    Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, and five,
    Four, three, two, one, let’s all stay alive!
    (For a fun twist, change “alive” to “jive!” or “thrive!”)

  3. Fireworks paint the sky with glee,
    Wishing you a year as sweet as candy.
    Chocolate dreams and rainbow swirls,
    May 2025 unwrap magic unfurls!

  4. Tiny hands make paper snow,
    Winter wishes whisper low.
    Sleepy eyes and warm pajamas bright,
    Happy New Year, sleep tight, sleep tight!

  5. Teddy bears and bouncing balls,
    Happy wishes through the halls.
    Bubble baths and laughter warm,
    New Year’s hugs keep us safe from harm.

  6. Cozy blankets, fireplace glow,
    Stories whispered, soft and slow.
    Tickles, giggles, hugs galore,
    Wishing you a joyful year in store!

  7. Crayons dance on snowy white,
    Drawing dreams in morning light.
    Sunshine smiles and snowflakes swirl,
    Wishing you a happy, playful world!

  8. Apples dipped in caramel shine,
    Counting seeds for good luck nine.
    Wishing wishes on a paper kite,
    May your New Year be full of light!

  9. Gingerbread houses, candy canes,
    Sweetest wishes in the rain.
    Pudding smiles and mittens red,
    May 2025 fill your heart with bread!
    (Change “bread” to “breadth” for a more metaphorical ending)

  10. Tiny fingers, paintbrush dips,
    Snowflakes bloom on tiny lips.
    Happy New Year, laugh and sing,
    May joy like winter berries cling!

Kids Easy New Year 2024 Poems Short

Happy New Year Poems For Kids Easy

Happy New Year 2024 Poem For Kids And Childs

  1. Fluffy mittens tickle snow,
    Making footprints to and fro.
    Snowflake kisses, cold and sweet,
    Wishing friends on every street.

  2. Gingerbread men take a bite,
    New Year’s wishes shining bright.
    Gumdrop buttons, candy eyes,
    Wishing you a year of sweet surprise!

  3. Cozy blankets, hot cocoa sips,
    Stories whispered from your lips.
    Snuggle close, hearts warm and tight,
    Wishing dreams to take flight!

  4. Ladybug dots on tiny gloves,
    Counting kisses sent by doves.
    Ten for smiles, nine for fun,
    Wishing joy for everyone!

  5. Glittery hats and paper horns,
    Singing silly New Year’s chorns.
    Jingle bells and laughter loud,
    Wishing dreams dance in a happy crowd.

  6. Building castles in the sand,
    Wishing wishes hand in hand.
    Seashells whisper secrets true,
    Wishing happiness for me and you!

  7. Little puppies wag their tails,
    Wishing wags on snowy trails.
    Puppy kisses, wet and cold,
    Wishing warmth to brave the bold!

  8. Sleepy kittens cuddle near,
    Purring whispers in your ear.
    Sleepy paws and slumber deep,
    Wishing dreams where kittens leap!

  9. Pinecone stars and acorn eyes,
    Nature’s magic in the skies.
    Wishing whispers on the breeze,
    May your New Year bloom with ease!

  10. Little hands hold sparklers high,
    Painting rainbows in the sky.
    Golden wishes, bright and bold,
    Wishing dreams unfold, unfold!

Cute New Year Poems For Kids 2024

Happy New Year Poem For Kids Easy Short

Cute New Year 2024 Poems For Kids Easy Short

  1. Fuzzy hats and mittens warm,
    Stomping snow in joyous storm.
    Snowball fights and laughter bright,
    Wishing snowy days filled with light!

  2. Sleepy eyes and yawns galore,
    Counting sheep by the bedroom door.
    Counting dreams from one to ten,
    Wishing slumber without end!

  3. Tiny dancers, twirling toes,
    Spinning stories as the music flows.
    Wishing steps that skip and glide,
    May your New Year’s spirit always confide!

  4. Popcorn snowmen, white and small,
    Melted dreams on windowsill’s shawl.
    Wishing wishes whispered low,
    May snowflakes whisper all they know!

  5. Rainbow crayons paint the sky,
    Sunbeams peek with a playful sigh.
    Wishing colors bold and free,
    May your New Year be a symphony!

  6. Muddy mittens, puddles splashed,
    Laughter rings as children dash.
    Wishing rain that sings and pours,
    May your New Year bloom like spring flowers!

  7. Little chefs in aprons bright,
    Stirring batter, day and night.
    Wishing cakes that rise so high,
    May your New Year reach for the sky!

  8. Sleepy bears in winter caves,
    Counting dreams on snowflake waves.
    Wishing whispers on the breeze,
    May your New Year bring honeybees!

  9. Bumblebees on fuzzy tongues,
    Honeycomb wishes, sugarplums sung.
    Wishing gardens sweet and bright,
    May your New Year be filled with light!

  10. Tiny boats on paper waves,
    Sailing dreams to distant caves.
    Wishing journeys far and wide,
    May your New Year’s boat safely ride!

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Long But Easy Poems to wish Happy New year 2025 for Kids

Sleepy moonbeams peek and hide,
Counting stars above the tide.
Ten, nine, eight, the snowflakes swirl,
Seven, six, five, dreams unfurl!

Four, three, two, the air grows chill,
One! A cheer erupts, standing still.
Sparkling lights and confetti rain,
Wishing laughter’s joyful strain.

Tiny hands hold sparklers tight,
Drawing wishes in the night.
Golden streaks across the sky,
Hopes and dreams that paint and fly.

Warm hugs close, voices blend,
Happy New Year, my dearest friend!
May this year be bright and sweet,
Filled with joy on tiny feet!

Gingerbread men with candy smiles,
Smiling faces for a little while.
Sugarplums and chocolate dreams,
New Year’s magic softly gleams.

Paper snowflakes flutter down,
Whispering wishes to the town.
Children sleep with starry eyes,
Dreaming dreams that paint the skies.

Sleepy kittens purr and cuddle,
Warmest wishes softly muddle.
Tiny noses, fur so white,
Dreaming dreams through the long night.

Happy New Year, whispers say,
As winter paints the world in gray.
May your heart be like the fire’s light,
Warm and joyful, ever bright!

Snowball fights and happy cries,
Laughter dancing in the skies.
Red cheeks rosy, snowflakes kiss,
Winter magic in a blissful bliss.

Pinecone stars and acorn eyes,
Nature’s whispers in the skies.
Hooting owls and sleepy dreams,
Wishing wishes on moonbeams.

Fluffy mittens, hot cocoa sips,
Stories whispered from your lips.
Snuggle close, hearts warm and tight,
Wishing dreams to take flight!

Happy New Year, let the snow sing,
Winter’s joy to your heart bring.
May this year be filled with glee,
Just like snowflakes on a tree!

Tiny owls on snowy boughs,
Hooting wishes to the house.
Sleepy bears in winter dens,
Counting honeydew like golden coins.

Little fishes in icy ponds,
Dreaming waves on sandy shores.
Sleepy butterflies, wings tucked tight,
Dreaming flowers bathed in light.

Happy New Year, whisper low,
To creatures sleeping in the snow.
May their dreams be sweet and warm,
Safe from winter’s every storm.

Music whispers, voices sing,
Happy New Year, the dancers cling.
Tiny ballerinas, light and free,
Wishing dreams for you and me.

Puppet shows with painted scenes,
Fairy tales and woodland queens.
Wishing wishes whispered true,
In stories told just for you.

Tiny artists, hands that paint,
Rainbow colors, bold and quaint.
Wishing wishes bright and fair,
May your New Year be a wonderland rare!

Happy New Year, let laughter flow,
Like ribbons dancing in the snow.
May your dreams take flight and twirl,
In a magical New Year’s world!

Poems allow kids to make meaning of the new year transition in fun creative ways. Use sparkling wordplay and relatable concepts they understand to get young minds excited for all the possibilities to come in 2025!

I hope these New Year 2025 kids poems inspire cheerful anticipation about the year ahead! Let me know if you need any other poetry examples.