6 New Features Added In iOS Beta 3

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Every beta update of iOS platform comes with additional features and tweaks and the latest beta 3 versions of iOS 10 platform are no exception to that. If you have downloaded the beta or 2 versions of the software, then the 3rd version will be automatically updated in your gadget. Here are the tweaks that have been introduced along with the beta 3 version of iOS 10 platform:

Ios Features

Touch ID

The Touch ID option was already added in the iOS 10 beta 2 versions, but it was not functional. It has been made functional in the beta 3 version. Therefore, users will be able to unlock the phone, just by placing their finger on the home button.

Sound On Locking the Gadget

When you lock the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the phone is going to vibrate to make sure that the gadget is locked. In the other gadgets that run on the iOS platform, a sound alert will be there when the user touches the power button.

Keyboard Alert

While using the keyboard it is going to make a sound. This feature was removed earlier and reintroduced again.

Share App

In the beta 3 version users have the option to share an app by using the 3D Touch. They can press the app that they want to share and then the name of the app will appear on the screen.

Improvised Siri

Now you will be able to view the name of all apps that is compatible with Siri and uses the data present on the phone.

Improve Health App

After you have installed iOS 10 beta 3 versions in your gadget, click on the Health app and a pop up is going to appear asking you whether you want to enable or disable Improve Activity of the health app. Once you enable it, you can send information relating to health to Apple. You can also enable this function later on in this way: click on Settings go to Privacy and then to Diagnostics and Usage. Then click on Automatically send.

These are the major improvisations that have been introduced in the iOS 10 beta 3 versions. We hope to see more beta versions coming soon until the final version of the OS is released in the month of September along with iPhone 7.